Ideal food storage with built in compartments where cabin air filter should be...


We are relocating!

We would like to announce that Jiffy Car Care will be servicing you from our exciting new location at 1/80 Solomon Road in 2021!

The move is scheduled for January 2021, thus please monitor our website for updates. You can still book online and contact us for a free estimate.

A customer asked us to repair the cars air conditioner as it performed poorly and had musty strange smells.

Rats had been using the cabin filter to eat their dinner and perform postproduction of said dinner. When shown, the customer gagged at the sight of what he was attempting to breathe through. We haven't seen one this bad before and recommend checking the cabin air filter every 6 months or 10,000km to be safe.

Jiffy Car Care cabin air filter replacement

The air conditioner had to be cleaned and sanitised to make it hygenic enough to breath inside the vehicle again! Call us now or book a service online!

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